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Music composition - Sound Design  

Sound recording - Sound editing

Congratulations to FX Lord and the team on a successful selection for Liverpool International Film Festival!  Original music and sound effects by Skylark Music.

Cute Crazy heroes Album

Liverpool International Film Festival

January 2018

Skylark Music has started work on a nature documentary album for Library of the Human Soul.  This is due to be completed in April 2018.

February 2018

It was a nice surprise to discover that our track 'Cuckoo Polka' was played on UKTV show 'GPs Behind Closed Doors' episode 20.  This track was co-composed with the fantastic Martin Gratton and Rob Sneddon.

Music on uktv

nature Documentary album

April 2018

Skylark Music has contributed a track to the 'Cute Crazy Heroes' album for Gothic Storm, co-composed with the fabulous Andrea Possee.  

Library of the Human Soul 'Light' album

October 2017 - February 2018

Skylark Music has had music placed on German TV show Tietjen und Bommes, used for their weekly TV ad throughout October, and again in February.

February 2018

It's been great to co-compose a track entitled 'Moonlight' for the forthcoming album 'Light' for Library of the human soul, along with Martin Gratton.  More updates with links to the track soon!

music on German TV