I have produced music and sound design for 3 Battlebards Fantasy Role Play games.

  • Game Music - Digiwizards - audio logo0:09
  • Forest level - digiwizards2:03
  • Mountains Level - digiwizards2:04
  • Lose life 1- digiwizards0:05
  • Lose life 2 - digiwizards0:07
  • Game lost - Digiwizards1:00
  • Game won - digiwizards1:01

  • Battlebards Game Music & Sound Design - Arabic Soundscape3:22
  • Prophecy5:08
  • The Ethereal Temple of Taung Kalat4:34


I am currently working on sheet music and audio for this fantastic Tombooks app.

Skylark Music

  • Selection of Game Audio - Samurai Girl Battle Theme3:14
  • Pirate Girl Battle Theme3:10
  • Tomix Battle Theme0:45
  • Racing Game Dubstep Level1:01
  • Racing Game Rock Level1:02
  • Racing Game Trance Level1:01

October 2018

Skylark Music is currently working on original music for this fantastic kids platform game by amazing developer Cris and his son Ethan.

Oct 2017

Skylark Music created the bug footsteps sounds for this fantastic shooter, out now on Steam!

Skylark Music © 2018

Music composition - Sound Design  

Sound recording - Sound editing

Oct 2017

Skylark Music created all music and audio assets for this fantastic puzzle game by Rommy Barriga, showcased at Indie Games Festival 2018.


Digiwizards currently have a platform game called 'Pica' in production.  I have produced music for 4 levels and 2 menus, plus win/lose game and lose life jingles. 

  • The Realm of the Kaleidoscope - Into the Unknown0:54
  • Menu Music4:16
  • Surreal Prairie - level music1:04
  • Victory0:59
  • Game over0:51

April 2018

Skylark Music has contributed music, along with Martin Gratton and Rob Sneddon, for the game 'Balance of Kingdoms' out now on Steam and shortly to be released for Nintendo Switch.  The game will be showcased at EGX Rezzed on 13-15 April.